Our Plan

Once we achieve our goal, SONG will purchase, deliver, and setup much needed supplies for New Grace Orphanage. SONG will see the entire process through to the children using the new equipment in order to assure 100% of donations make it to the children.

Needed materials we will be providing:

  • desks
  • chairs
  • chalk board
  • school books
  • uniforms
  • school materials
  • teaching supplies
  • mosquito netting
  • beds
  • classroom doors

Frequently Asked Questions

What relationship does SONG have with New Grace Orphanage and Primary School?
Dee Wilbur spent 3 months in Uganga working with the New Grace Orphanage and Primary School in 2009. During her time there, she was able to speak with many of the teachers and headmaster to fully assess the resources they needed and the costs associated with those resources. She remains in contact with the people who run the orphanage.

Is Uganda safe for travel?
The US State Department continuously assesses the safety of travel by US citizens to country. The only recent troubles in surrounding areas were a few acts of terrorism in Sudan, north of Uganda. None of that violence made its way into Uganda.

How close are you to your fundraising goal?
Currently, we are a little under half of our way towards raising our minimum goal of $6500. We are confident that we will reach this goal.

What plans of you have beyond this initial goal?
Any additional donations putting us above $6500 will allow us to provide more support to the community of Iganga.

Additional projects may include:

  • Finishing the Boys Dormitory Rood
  • Paying teacher’s salaries
  • Additional equipment and updated resources

Innovation and Transparency

Sponsorship of New Grace (SONG) was the first 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit founded by students in your community who look to provide video evidence of the aid delivered to Ugandan students.

As compared to donations to other nonprofits where the identity of the support is lost somewhere between donor and beneficiaries, this is a better solution. 

SONG removes potential for ambiguity of donations by 100%. SONG promises donors will be fully informed as to where each dollar goes.

Finally donors will go beyond just giving to a community in need and now be able to see exactly how their dollar really helps.